Sunday, September 05, 2010

End of summer 2010

OK - just a rundown of life events since July...
* Movies watched : Inception (innovative & expertly executed, though it doesn't quite live up to the hype); Despicable Me (really fun, and not bad to watch); The Kids are Alright (indie dramedy, a little trite, but thought-provoking)
* Concerts/Theatres attended : Sleepytime Gorilla Museum ('goodbye Bay Area' show); 'Sex Tapes For Seniors' (a fun musical comedy with Nancy Shniederman; Charming Hostess, The Bowls Project @ YBCA (an elaborate installation outside the YBCA, great to hear the ancient-mid-East-infused accapella, the 'Orisha Girls' was a bit cultish); John Zorn, Fred Frith, Mike Patton @ Yoshis (amazing show of viruosity, too short!);
* Trips and weekends : Napa Wine Train; East Brother Light Station - a B&B on an island in San Pablo Bay; Second Saturday in Sacto & visit w/ Nicole and Jenay; Laguna del Sol in Wilton (sun and fun)
* Also - gearing up for the Ragged Wing Ensemble kick off for their upcoming season! Please join us at Solano Stroll on September 12.

The last week of July, I drove down to LA for Siggraph, a computer graphics and technology conference. Mainly to job-hunt, since we got 2 days paid from my employer to attend. I'd never been, it was interesting, though regular attendees said it was so much smaller than previous years. It was great running into so many old colleagues! The few places I met with went well - it's hard to judge fruitful results, though, since you still have to track down the recruiters and managers...
But, more on that to come - decisions are imminent!