Saturday, December 17, 2005

Starting up anew

It's been about a month, OK over a month. The last post was made just before I packed up my DSL hub and shut down my laptop, hours before catching the plane out of New Zealand. Came back to California, had a few days vacation - wherein I caught up with some former co-workers for lunch and meetings. Then made a trip over Thanksgiving weekend down to Orange County to visit Bonnie's family. (Really good times. Sorry if I didn't connect with LA friends, but in this case, it seemed being in the OC was quite different than being in LA.)

Then started the new job on 28th of November. Working at PDI, in Redwood City, a division of DreamWorks Animation. Had some basic training the first week or so, then into their tools (all proprietary). Can't say too much here, but it is a very different way of thinking and working, taking a lot of getting used to. And that commute is pure hell, about 40 miles one way, with no traffic, it takes about 50 minutes. On a bad day, I've been stuck in a crawl for almost 2 hours. Trying different things - different times of the day, motorcycle, different routes & bridges, carpooling, BART & train- just figuring it all out. Nice to have free cafe and free gym though.

More thoughts on my being back in America on the way, along with thoughts on King Kong (how many have seen it already??). I'll be in Detroit for the holidays, actually between the holidays, back to San Fran for New Years. Then it'll seem like January I'll start to have a more stable life.