Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thanksgiving O.C. Trip

On Thanksgiving weekend this year (Friday-Sunday) we went down to OC to visit Bonnie's family. Here's what we did :

Friday - Early morning flight, got in hitch-free, picked up the car & headed over to Bonnie's mom's new place (since the spring) in Corona Del Mar. went out for brunch when we got there.

Friday day - Walked around Little Corona Beach, & shops. In the evening, we watched 'Talk to Me.'

Saturday - Hit the hot tub & the pool (alternating). Brunch at Zinc. Then we went around the Sawdust Art Festival Art in Laguna Beach.

Saturday eve - dinner at Claim Jumper's with the Eslinger family. Good times - met a lot of the relatives on Bonnie's dad side for the first time. I got the salad bar & a huge Bloody Mary.

Sunday - Bonnie was off brunching with her friend Gina, Nicole and I went with Bonnie's dad Jack to take the dog for a romp around the lakeside park in Anaheim. That was fun & good to see the area. After, we went to the standard 'Ruby's Diner', we came back & packed up. Then we went over to some fetish/piercing/head shops on the way to the airport, but it was too late & they were closed.

Sunday return - made it to the airport in plenty of time, dropped off the car & had time for a cocktail. Our flight was even delayed 1/2 hour - not a big deal, until we learned that there's an OC ordinance that if the flight can't leave by 10 PM, it can't fly. Meaning that if we didn't get boarded in time, the flight would have to be canceled til the next morning. Well, no one wanted that - so there was a big push to get everyone to make haste getting on. They took some of the larger carry-on bags to check. TO their credit, everyone rushed on in time, and we made it home to Oakland! We even ran into Shelly on the same flight (& saw Morley at the airport in O-Town)