Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The rest of the first weekend in NZ

Saturday, the 23rd: hit the gym & pool in the morning, then met up with Peter - grabbed coffee & went motorcycle shopping. Saw a really nice Suzuki Bandit, though at the top side of my budget; another store had a couple much-older bikes for not much cheaper.
Then had high tea with Raine & Ben, catching up with them. Stopped by to visit with Malcolm (might have a chance to do some Massive work with his freelance project). Then took a ride out to Island Bay to see one of their rental properties.
Came back, rested for a bit, decided to take a walk down to Cuba St before catching the Banksy film - ran into Sandip on Cuba St, and Chad at the movie. Then back & more organizing (and a replay of the English - Kiwi rugby match). Capped off with a chat with Bonnie!

Sunday the 24th : slept in a bit, but hit the gym & pool. Then found college football on ESPN, so I watched some of the OK St game while I sorted paperwork and cleanedup. Then took the car out - test run to see the old offices. Discovered one of the buildings had become the Weta Cave, a mini-museum and gift shop. Then shopping/exploring at Kilbirnie grocery stores & Asian market, then stopped at Real Groovy for CD shopping & got my Phoenix Foundation ticket!
Back to regroup & watch another college football game. Then a waterfront walk to the Diwali Fest, and a visit to Te Papa (heard a piper, and saw a family with an army of Leonberger dogs). A bit more strolling along Courtenay Place, got Nando's (they have a whole range of veggie choices!), eating in the room, then a nap before chatting with Bonnie.
Monday is the Weta start day - checkin, crew assignment, begin housing search & begin training.



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