Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Home ownership!

Well, I've been quiet here for a while, I tend to let a situation solidify before revealing it. Anyway, the big news - I'm a homeowner! Some friends know already, but I'm posting here for those who check in occasionally. A quick timeline (I may share more in-depth about the process) - Bonnie and I looked at the place Sunday, Apr 16; talked to our realtor on Monday; put in a bid that was accepted Tuesday; had home inspection Wednesday, removed the contingency and gave 3% deposit by Friday, then went into 21-day escrow, which closed and we got our keys on May 9; and moved the bulk of our furniture (with lots of help!) on the 13th. Lots of paperwork and phone calls and signatures and meetings in between that time - amazing amounts. Very glad that we had a great realtor, who knew lots of other good workers in related industries. And yeah, I heard advice from people telling me "Don't buy now!", but this was a good deal, in good condition, in an 'emerging' neighborhood of Emeryville (in fact, we appraised for higher than our sales price). All that said - I can send pics for those that want, but as time goes on, I may be posting tales of my world as a homeowner in northern Cali...

Oh, and go celebrate the Memorial Day weekend at the movies - Over the Hedge opened last week! I didn't work on it, but it's DreamWorks, so I gotta reprazent. It is the funniest CG cartoon movie I've seen in a while - a few moments of well-placed slapstick (not as much as the trailers would have you believe), mercifully limited bodily humour gags (with a skunk, ya gotta have some of course), but mostly good character humour and good performances all around (Steve Carell is one of the best wide-ranging comedic actors of the day!).