Sunday, June 18, 2006

Playing tourist

Bonnie's mom and step-dad were up this weekend, from Huntington Beach. Great weather for it, they had driven up, and spent a day in Sacto, so they'd had their share of the heat. We hustled to clean up the house, and on an errand to pick up some comestibles for the weekend, we came across them in the parking lot at the shopping center. We were playing up the 'new neighborhood' aspect, so we took them around Emeryville (what there is) - Bay Street; TJ's and the Powell Street Landing; Borders, Peet's & the Public Market. Then a visit to the house - (color them impressed!) - and a bit later, dinner at the Townhouse w/Nicole and Firas too.
Sunday was breakfast at Doyle Street Cafe, then a run on the ferry from Jack London Square to the restored Ferry Building in the Embarcadero, with its Sunday farmer's market. My first time there - very cool array of shops and eats, not too touristy (not surprising, considering the number of commuters that come through every weekday). Next, 6 blocks over for a tour of Bonnie's office (not too busy on a Sunday early afternoon), and walk, like, 2 miles along the Embarcadero, to Pier 41 to get the next ferry. Wanted to make sure we didn't get cut off, so we were in line a half-hour early (didn't care much about checking out the touristy spots anyway). The ferry was an hour late, though... Finally made it back over to Oakland (stops at Angel Island and Alameda), and some downtime before dinner (got to check some of Rex's BBQ). Bucci's was closed on Sunday, so it was off to the more casual Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe - both E'ville icons. Great family weekend, great to have them visit. Next week : Housewarming!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Home Again

The shape and character of the house is coming together. All our stuff is in, (meaning in boxes still ) and it's been a chore trimming down and trying to merge 2 people's stuff into a space that's smaller than where we were living between the two places. And Nicole (Bonnie's foster daughter from her days as a teacher) is out for the summer from Mills College, so she's living with us. Space is tight, and we've had many a discussion already about the co-operative environment, duties and boundaries, responsibilities and courtesies. A very different living situtation for me (for all of us, really, and a new approach to 'family') but we are making it work and I wouldn't want it any other way.
Not much new at work, it's kinda strange for me now in feature animation, to have several sequences lingering and overlapping, and to know what's on the plate for the next 2 months. "Over the Hedge" opened decently (couldn't stand up to 'DaVinci Code', though, and especially couldn't against 'Cars'). It's showing OK legs, so hopefully it will have a nice purse at the end of the run. Go see it if you haven't, it's a fun ride! Again, a different paradigm for me to actually care how well my company's projects do at the Box Office.
Movies seen this week : V for Vendetta {NEGS: the too-absurd Hollywood action distracted from the political intrigue. PROS : Hugo Weaving kicks ass even in the mask. Overall : Fast enough to be great entertainment, slow enough to be thoughtful.};DaVinci Code {NEGS: sloppy storytelling, bad history and leaps of logic, some 'howlers' of dialog, long movie. PROS : looked nice, good to excellent performances, I have to admit the 'popcorn sleuthing' was fun. Overall, OK and worthy entertainment.}
This week, gearing up for Bonnie's mom and step-dad visit, and the housewarming party the week after that!